Random Show — Fasting, Biohacking, and Tony Robbins (#333)

Serial entrepreneur, world-class investor, eagle scout, and all around wild and crazy guy Kevin Rose (@KevinRose), rejoins me for another episode of The Random Show. We discuss Kevin’s new diet obsession that may just save his life for many decades to come, fatherhood, minimalism, lifetime learning, ways to dial back alcohol consumption, lessons learned from Tony Robbins, most recommended books, and much more.


#333: Random Show — Fasting, Biohacking, and Tony Robbins


Want to hear another episode of The Random Show? — Listen to this earlier conversation with Kevin Rose in which we discuss traveling in Japan on the cheap, building apps, urine drinking, why Kevin doesn’t have New Year’s resolutions, and much more. (Stream below or right-click here to download):

The Random Show – Drinking Urine, Exploring Japan, and Figuring Out Life


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  • Connect with Kevin Rose:

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  • Let the games begin. [04:08]
  • Who is this Kevin Rose fellow, anyway? [05:30]
  • A shared investment for which Kevin and I were ridiculed by the Internet. [06:16]
  • Kevin’s most recent obsession: the five-day FMD (fasting mimicking diet). [06:48]
  • How do Valter Longo’s and Peter Attia’s FMDs differ? [15:18]
  • With a prevalence of heart disease running through Kevin’s family history, how long does Dr. Attia give him to live? [16:21]
  • Crack is whack and meth is death, but L-theanine is… [18:28]
  • Does Kevin prefer Dr. Longo’s or Dr. Attia’s FMD? [19:17]
  • How do Kevin and I measure our ketone levels? [20:30]
  • What have been the biggest changes Kevin has felt or observed in himself or otherwise since we did the last Random Show? [21:49]
  • Why did Kevin and his wife Darya name their first-born child Zelda, and how has becoming a father changed Kevin’s perspective on life? [22:32]
  • What has Kevin done in the pursuit of leading more of a minimalist lifestyle? [24:23]
  • What Kevin learned about minimalism from a wise old tea (and key) master in China. [27:18]
  • Minimalism — particularly of the Marie Kondo variety — isn’t an all-or-nothing approach to life. It’s a philosophy with wisdom to be taken (or left) by anyone living any lifestyle. [28:36]
  • Donation as a karmic chess move. [29:55]
  • How Kevin delays and declines what would have once been expensive and unnecessary impulse purchases. [30:47]
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC): what is it good for? [31:27]
  • The untold perils of eating oatmeal cookies and the benefits of lithium. [33:29]
  • Contrary to popular belief, I don’t walk around with a drip IV bag in my arm and a thousand pills I’m taking four times a day. Here’s my current stance on supplements. [34:44]
  • The primitive but effective way I track my baseline, and what helps me wake up ready to face the day. [35:50]
  • It’s really easy to become addicted to measuring things that don’t matter very much — or worse still, measuring things that will distract you from the things that do matter. [37:53]
  • How does Kevin track his baseline, and does it have an impact on his behavior? [38:24]
  • Kevin’s idea for an app that creates social pressure to drink less. He’s experimented with a spreadsheet version among a small group of friends, but how might it scale when applied to a larger number of users? [39:26]
  • What has helped Kevin dial back his own drinking consumption? [42:20]
  • What effect does traveling have on Kevin’s resolve to drink less? [44:13]
  • Kevin’s hacks for drinking less in social situations. [46:18]
  • Speaking of drinking, have you ever heard one of my drunk dialing episodes? The latest one is here. [48:43]
  • The real reason I might not be drinking alcohol if you encounter me in the wild — and an excuse you should feel free to borrow if you’re ever socially pressured to drink. [49:34]
  • The Richard Branson method of resisting this social pressure. [50:54]
  • Kevin sets aside time that used to be taken up with drinking to learn every night. What’s he learning lately? [51:49]
  • Experiments with duration intervals and break periods I’ve tried for learning (particularly new languages). [53:30]
  • How does exercise fit into a learning regimen? [55:40]
  • Why I’m not worried about falling off the fitness train for short periods of time. [58:41]
  • We compare Tony Robbins event notes. Kevin gets the fresh coal treatment. [1:00:04]
  • What the Wheel of Life exercise made clear to Kevin and how it galvanized his ambition to contribute to a cause beyond just writing checks. [1:04:07]
  • Be skeptical, not cynical — what convinced me to attend a Tony Robbins event even though I assumed it wasn’t really my thing. [1:07:08]
  • Tony Robbins exercises aren’t a one-flavor-cures-all tonic, but here’s one that changed my life. [1:08:45]
  • Tony Robbins can even make Kevin dance — and Kevin hates dancing. You might be surprised to find out who else he can make dance. [1:11:30]
  • Yesterday’s frowned-upon self-help genre is today’s lauded lifelong learning journey. Here’s how I once disarmed an interview intended to set me up as a champion of that genre. [1:15:56]
  • You’ll find charlatans in any genre or industry, but it shouldn’t invalidate the good that people are attempting in that space. The education to tell them apart is generally available to anyone who goes looking for it. [1:18:18]
  • How to spot nonsense. [1:20:06]
  • Most recommended books. [1:21:47]
  • Parting thoughts. [1:24:26]