Finding Your Significance When The World Is Your Oyster

In today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income, Mark and Scott talk with Rick Coplin—

Rick is a communicator, coach, and catalyst leading successful people to clarify their mindsets, identify their purpose, and cultivate the conviction to intentionally leverage their success and move into a life of significance.

Rick puts his focus into helping those who have already been successful in life but who feel like there’s something more. He takes them through a process to help them design their perfect lives by understanding who they are today and what they believe they are capable of doing and who they want to be.

“That’s something that I talk to my wife about a lot, is that I never want to stop working. I never want to stop growing. I never want to stop challenging myself. I want to die trying to do something that’s bigger than myself, that’s purposeful, that’s meaningful.” -Mark

Join us as we delve deep into getting to the core of our significance. Plus, Rick answers:

  • Why he chooses to work with successful people
  • Challenges he sees people face crossing the bridge to significance
  • Where he sees people defining significance

Plus, find out which three people, living or not, he would have over for dinner and what’s the one question he would ask them.

Listen as Rick takes us on a journey into our psyches to uncover our path to significance.

“The key is not thinking that it’s a singular linear path. It is a path that you start and make decisions along the way that radically change or in some small ways change what you are doing…you tweak it. It’s an evolutionary thing, not a radical one.”


Mark: Learn more about Rick and how you can achieve significance in your life at Don’t forget to check out his podcast, a really great resource for moving up that chain of Maslow’s hierarchy and really helping define your purpose, becoming more intentional in life and becoming a greater contributor.

Scott: For taking fast notes right from your menu bar, check out the Mac app,—It’s free!

Rick: Read the book, Half Time by Bob Buford. It’s about what are you doing with your life as you work your way through your career? What’s going to be significant about you?

Isn’t it time to create passive income so you can work where you want, when you want and with whomever you want?


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