A Look Inside The Mindset Of The Total CEO

Mark and Scott talk with The Total CEO—Vinnie Fisher.

A lawyer by trade, Vinnie practiced tax and business law for 10 years before leaving the field in 2007 to pursue entrepreneurship. He then went on to create four 8-figure businesses and is now on a mission to help men in leadership for life.

Join us as we take a look inside the mindset of the Total CEO and why Vinnie believes that what you do at home is equally important as what you do in the office.

We delve deep into:

  • What it takes to go from a seven-figure to an eight-figure business
  • What makes a great CEO
  • Why motivation is a lie

And, find out why Vinnie says that having “balance” is some of the worst advice he has seen given and why we should have nonnegotiable priorities and perspectives.

This idea that everyone has one simple way of doing things is one of the bigger lies out there.
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Also, find out how Vinnie defines success, the three CEOs he would have over for dinner, and the one question he would ask them.

All of this and more in today’s episode!


Mark:  Learn more about Vinnie Fisher at TheTotalCEO.com.

Scott: Check out Draw.io to create flowcharts and more, for free!

Vinnie: Take a nap before making big decisions.

Isn’t it time to create passive income so you can work where you want, when you want and with whomever you want?

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