World-Class Land Investor Who Makes Money On The Fly

Our guest, Austin Krajicek, is not only a current coaching client, he is also a professional tennis player who travels the world and ranks #39 in doubles… and he joins us today to talk about his land investing journey!

Austin ran across The Land Geek model while trying to utilize his spare time while in China on a tour. And, after already trying his hand in the rental property niche and finding it too difficult to manage from abroad, he thought land investing would better serve him.

Austin, who started out with the Investor’s Toolkit, soon went into Flight School last August. After doing a few deals by the end of the year and seeing what was possible, he then signed up for coaching.

Listen in as Austin talks about his experience in Flight School and find out the details of:

  • Timeline of his first sale
  • Favorite deal
  • How coaching differs from Flight School

The guys also delve into the mindset of an athlete and the mental process of letting go and how it parallels to the land business.

If you keep doing the little things everyday, it’s going to payoff. You have to have that unwavering faith that it’s going to work out by doing little the things. Everything else is out of your control.
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Plus, get ready as Austin serves up great advice for land newbies for game-set-match!


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Isn’t it time to create passive income so you can work where you want, when you want and with whomever you want?

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