Trading In The Pharmacy Coat—How This RE Investor Broke Free Of The 9-5

Stuart Gethner—Pharmacist turned real estate investor, instructor, and coach joins us on The Art of Passive Income to talk about why he left pharmaceuticals in the past to start living life for himself!

Stuart, who is also a neighbor of Marks, has been a real estate investor for over 15 years and he’s done it all—purchased with cash, traditional financing, self-financing, hard money lending, lease options, subject to deals, wholesaling, fix and flips, but his favorite is buy and hold properties because that strategy creates wealth as opposed to just income.

Join the guys as Stuart talks about why he left the pharmaceutical world behind to pursue real estate. And, find out why buy & hold is his favorite now, but is subject to change with the market cycles.

The guys delve into:

  • The 1-2 percent rule
  • Stuarts method of acquisition
  • Funding your first deal
  • Scarcity mindset

The guys also delve a little deeper into cycles and what Stuart predicts is coming next for the real estate market.

I try is to visualize where we are in the cycle and try to be ahead of the curve as to what's coming next and position myself so that we don't lose.
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Listen in now to hear how this pharmacist turned real estate investor is now living life for himself.


Mark:  Learn more about Stuart at

Scott: Check out, Measure What Matters: How Google, Bono, and the Gates Foundation Rock the World with OKRs by John Doerr.

Stuart: Be consistent with passion. You have to be passionate with what you’re doing and really be able to put the time, energy, and effort into it.

Check out these books: 

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