How to Turn $800 into a Multi-Million Dollar Business

My co-host of the first Land Geek podcast, Jeran Fraser started with only $800 and turned it into a multi-million dollar business. (Do you remember that podcast? If not, you can listen to the archive here.) Jeran started with:

  • No college education
  • No experience in real estate
  • And just $800 he borrowed from his Mom to buy some land at a tax sale auction

How many people do you think are looking for more financial security in these turbulent times? Land is security.

Land always has an inherent value, no matter what happens to the economy. In fact, when I started flipping land part-time, I convinced my wife that I wasn’t crazy by telling her that even if I couldn’t sell a property, at least we owned land!

How many people do you know who started a business, and then a year or two later, all they have to show for it is a garage full of unsold inventory collecting dust? That won’t happen with land – you will always have something of value.

A lot of people ask me, “Mark, how have you been able to buy and sell thousands of acres and thousands of parcels?” The answer to that question is simple. I’ve created very efficient systems for each facet of this business. Everything from Due Diligence, to Deal Flow, to Marketing is streamlined to make the best use of my time. And guess what – I’ve trained a few virtual assistants to handle 90% of my work!

Do you think Richard Schultz, the founder of Starbucks, spends his days whipping up frappuccinos and making cute designs in latte foam? Of course not! He’s busy working on his systems to make his business better. One of the best things about the land business is that you don’t have to do all of the work.

Sure, in the beginning you will need to do most of the work yourself. You need to understand how everything works before you can train someone else to do it, right? But once the money starts flowing in, I’ll show you how to hire virtual assistants to do the tedious work for you. Then, you’ll be able to focus on the activities that add to your bottom line – like Deal Flow and Marketing.

How do you feel about systems and automation? Do you think it would be smart to put together a process one time, and then watch it scale to levels you never dreamed would be possible? I teach my students to Work Smart, which means you will spend most of your time working ON the business and not IN the business.

In this series, you’re going to learn how to:

  • buy and sell land for cash profits
  • create passive income through owner-financing
  • hire virtual assistants to do most of the work for you.

Up next, we’re going to learn how to escape solo-economic dependency.

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