How To Breakthrough The Noise To Build True Customer Relationships

Breakthrough Champion, Matt Ward stops by to show us how to breakthrough the noise to build true customer relationships by applying one simple gesture…

Matt is passionate about helping employees, managers, and business owners move their business and personal life to the next level through word of mouth referrals. He has experienced all the same challenges that most employees and business owners face. These failures have helped Matt craft a message that resonates with the audience to leave them with actionable steps to improve their business through word of mouth referrals.

Matt starts us off with an announcement, he just sold a business for seven-figures and he gives us all the details and the two major factors that played a role in making it possible.

Then, Matt dives into word-of-mouth referrals and why he thinks you shouldn’t ask for them, instead you should:

  • Over deliver
  • Surprise
  • Listen
  • Do a non-self-serving act

Matt gets into the reasoning behind each act and the difference between a lead and a referral.

And, what was that one simple gesture that builds strong customer relationships?

A handwritten thank you card.

It’s the message that you took the time to write that matters most. 

Matt Ward

Matt talks about the importance of writing thank you cards and why you shouldn’t delegate that task.

Listen in for all the details…


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Matt: Read the book, Never Lose a Customer Again: Turn any Sale Into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days by Joey Coleman. Don’t discount the fact that you have a simple transaction on a small piece of land; you want customers for life no matter who they are. This book will help you do that.

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