How to Make Extra Money at Night (Starting Tonight)

I know exactly what it’s like.  You’d like to make extra money.  You’ve really thought long and hard about it.

But there’s one thing that gets in the way – your job!  Your job is an all-time consuming thing that you, as a responsible grown-up with a family to provide for and bills to pay, have to continue to do.

So with that in mind, when exactly are you supposed to find or make time to do anything in addition to the job you’re already doing now?

Fortunately for you, there are a lot of people that are in your same situation and have figured out how to make their spare time just as profitable or more than their working hours.  

They’ve accomplished this by learning how to make extra money on the side during their off hours when they are not at work.  And believe it or not, there are actually any number of ways to earn an extra income that won’t require you to have to give up your day-job or consume your life completely.

Easy Ways to Make Extra Money at Night

Here are a few of best ones that could start tonight.

1. Take on freelance writing jobs

Do you like to write or have a lot of knowledge about certain topics?  If you do, there’s a huge need for freelance writers to produce content.  And the since the work is by contract, you can work on it at night or whenever suits you.  Be sure to check out our list of places to find freelance writing jobs.

2. Invest Your Extra Money

Investing is the all-time classic way to make some extra money on the side.  Afterhours you can research potential companies and then decide which kinds of stocks to pick.  If you’re really savvy, you’ll pick dividend stocks that pay you a cut of their earnings every quarter.

3. Taking paid surveys online

Filling in paid surveys online is about the easiest and most mindless way to earn some extra money.  It’s something that can absolutely be done on your schedule and at your leisure.  Your earning potential is really only limited to how many survey’s you can complete.  Try this website here for a huge list of legitimate paid survey sites.

4. Record music and license it

This is one I used to do all the time at night just because that was when it was quiet in my house!  If you’ve got a computer and microphone, then you could record the songs you write and upload them for advertisers to use.  A site like could help you reach thousands of potential buyers.

5. Get Paid to License Your Photos

Just like how advertisers need music for their projects, they also need plenty of good stock photos to choose from for their campaign.  No matter if you’re an amateur or professional photographer, your digital photos could be uploaded whenever you have time for it, and they could be earning you money.  Here are a few photography stock sites for you to work with.

5. Do a Critique of a Website

Do you work with websites or know anything about search engine optimization (SEO)?  If you do, then you could help out any number of the amateur sites by critiquing them.  Look for work on sites like Elance or oDesk.  Usually you have a few days, so you can make your observations on your own time.

6. Create an eBook 

Writing an eBook has become a popular way how to make extra money on the side.  Talented writers can take their time producing pages of content and then self-publish it when it is ready.  Using a major outlet on Amazon, your product could reach the hands of thousands of potential buyers every day.

7. Teach an online class 

With the growing acceptance of classes being taught over the internet, there is a demand for more and more instructors that are tech savvy as well as qualified to teach the material.  Fortunately a lot of these classes can be taught at night or pre-recorded, and right from the leisure of your own home in front of a webcam.

8. Sell Crafts 

People are always willing to pay for things by creative people when they need them for parties, weddings, celebrations, etc.  By setting up a shop on a site like Etsy, you could create an offering for people to order from you.  Then in your off-time you could make those items and ship them.

9. Sell Advertising on Your Blog

Having advertising on your website is by far one of the simplest ways of creating passive income today.  The reason this works for people who are busy is because you can add the advertising to your site at night or basically any time you want.  And once the advertising is up for readers to see, it will earn you money without your interaction.  A few popular advertising providers to try are Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliates, and BuySellAds .com.

10. Promote Affiliate Marketing

Does your blog or website have an email list?  At night you could research a good affiliate product and then draft a helpful email to send out your readers.  Depending on how relevant the product is to your audience, those clicks could turn into a sudden revenue stream.

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