Land Is A Huge Market

The market for land investing is huge. This is NOT a small little niche market. I can say from experience that the market is huge because, since 2001, my deal flow has never stopped. If you just look at the number of people who owe back taxes in this country on raw land it’s a crazy big market.

There’s a website I discovered called, where they keep track of all the properties out there where the owners are not paying their taxes. There, you can see that comes out to about 23,961,700 properties where the owners are behind on taxes.

Not paying taxes on a property is almost the same as putting up a big flashing sign that says “Please Buy My Land! I don’t want it anymore!”

So let me ask you, now do you think this is a big market?

Of course, it’s a huge market! And if we look at the numbers, we know that at one time these same people were buying property right? That’s a healthy market. It has the flexibility to grow or contract without having major effects on the overall economics of this business.

Not every one of these 23 million people are going to want to sell their property to you for pennies on the dollar. Some of them have simply forgotten to pay their taxes.

Some probably just pay their property taxes every two years. There are many reasons, so we can’t assume everyone wants to sell.

Even so… If just a tiny fraction of those 23 million people do want to sell, we have a ridiculously large market to enter. Plus, it’s not like housing where you are competing against multi-billion dollar private equity groups. Housing is easier to understand than land, but land has so much more potential.

I’m going to take you step-by-step through how to find these properties, how to approach these sellers, and how to flip these properties for huge profits in just a matter of days. The best part? I’m going to teach you how to avoid the headaches and costly mistakes that I made when I first started.

Coming next week…Simplification Of Real Estate Investing!

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