Offers The Smart Way

Now, I know there are some systems out there that teach similar letter-writing campaigns to find properties. The thing is, with these systems, a lot of the time it unwittingly becomes a land appraisal business.

If you encourage your potential sellers to call you, you’ll get a lot of tire kickers wasting your time because they’re curious about what their land is worth.

My offer system is completely unique in that we don’t ever have to talk with the sellers. We avoid all of the long, drawn-out conversations about what they think the property is worth and what you think the property is worth. We get straight to the point and right down to business.

Now, I understand why these others systems encourage you to talk with potential sellers. You end up generating responses overall – and then the gurus who taught you this can brag about the high response rates.

I don’t care about response rates.

Response rates are meaningless if you don’t close deals.

I care about the closing rate on deals.

I sent out 100 letters last week in Colorado. I received back 7 signed purchase agreements. That’s a 7% close rate. Wouldn’t you love to know that every time you sent out 100 offers that you would buy 3-7 properties and make over 300% on each property?

That’s how we are ultimately going to build your real estate portfolio and empire.

You are going to make offers on a very consistent basis, and eventually build a system that removes you from the equation so you can focus on the most important aspects of your business.

My Students Learn to:
• Find people who don’t want their property anymore
• Contact them with an offer
• Buy the property from them
• Sell the property within days for thousands or tens of thousands of dollars more than they paid for it

Next week, we’ll discuss the land market…how big is it anyway?

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