Landing Success In Under A Year—The Simple Steps One Student Took

On today’s show—Student Success!

Today, we talk with Natalie Galyon, aka “The Silent Assassin” about how she brought her passive up to 6,000 a month after purchasing and following the Investor’s Toolkit in just nine months… all the while going undetected by Land Geek radar! 

Natalie has exceeded her goal of buying and selling one a week, at just nine months in she’s already done 50 deals! How did she do it? 

With the mantra,  “just one thing”. 

Natalie knew that she would burn out quickly if she tried to do too much, too soon. So she simplified the process by throwing away all artificial timelines and focused on just one thing at a time. Natalie is now on track to quit her job by the end of the year! 

Join us as we dig in deep to extract the steps that Natalie took which put her on the path to passive income. 

Find out:

  • What worked best for her
  • Her biggest challenge
  • What she would have done different
  • Her newbie advice

And, more!

She suspended her beliefs and let it roll…

Natalie’s biggest success factor was her mental fortitude. She didn’t become attached to her outcome, she trusted in the systems and consistently focused on the “one thing”. 


Mark: My tip of the week is check out what Natalie’s doing, go to her website

Scott: Check out I did a webinar last week on my favorite tool for turning VAs, this tool is a game changer. Check it out at

Natalie: Check out to discover your strengths.

Isn’t it time to create passive income so you can work where you want, when you want and with whomever you want?

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