How to Build a Collection of Money Making Websites

Have you ever read an income report from a blog or website that talks about how much money they make from advertising or other affiliate relationships?

Yes, some websites make six digits a month or more in gross income. Yes, I said six digits a month. If your website is not making serious cash each month, I’ve got something you’ll want to hear.

The truth is that is that there’s a formula to making serious cash with websites. And if you can find the formula, you can build a collection of money making websites for your passive income lifestyle.

Interested? Read on.

Not Just One – But a Collection of Money Making Websites

The truth is that a lot of top website owners (the ones making at least $100,000 per year from their sites) own multiple sites.

Check out these examples.

  • Darren Rowse from Problogger has his Digital Photography School website.
  • Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income has his niche site Security Guard Training HQ
  • Spencer Haws from Niche Pursuits has any number of niche websites; most notably the recent Best Survival Knife Guide he made in his public creation follow along series (a must read if you’re looking for practical tips on building niche sites from the ground up).
  • My Money Design has his developing niche site IRA vs 401k Central
  • And many, many more.

So as you can see, many powerful bloggers start by building one successful website. Then they duplicate their system on another site and work to increase their passive income.

Why More Than One Website?

The reason webmasters will own or develop more than one website is because with each site it increases the potential for more and more earnings. 

Think about it – why not take one of your lowest risk passive income ideas and spread it out among as many separate residual income channels as possible?

For example: Suppose a potential advertiser wants to place a banner ad on your site.  If you had two sites to offer him that were similar, that advertiser would probably take you up on your offer and you could make double the money.

Or another example: If people click on your ads and you make $500 per month, then why not create 10 websites doing the same thing and increase your earnings potential up to $5,000?

The possibilities are endless.

Creating Your Money Making Websites

There are a lot of ways you can build a website that will generate an income.  But to really put together a complete portfolio of money making websites within a decent amount of time takes a little extra effort.  Here are some of the best ways to start websites:

  • Buy dormant websites from Flippa where the owners stopped maintaining the site
  • Buy expired domains from places like Go Daddy Auctions.
  • Register a domain and have a VA set it up, create the content, etc.
  • Register a domain that you will setup yourself, but outsource all the content writing

Once you find and buy the sites, you’ll need to spend time building them. If you buy an existing site, you’ll likely need to clean up, refine and modify the site to optimize it to rank in search engines like Google.

How to Make Money From Your Websites

Now that you’ve created your collection of money making websites, it’s time to put them to work generating residual income.  Here are a few ideas that people use to earn cash from their websites and have been proven to work well:

  1. Join an affiliate program such as Google Adsense, Amazon affiliates,
  2. Direct advertising from banner ads, homepage links, etc.
  3. Promote links for other bloggers.  Fiver is one place where you can post an ad and make a quick $5 for each link you promote (Only do this if the links make sense for your site and its content).
  4. Host sponsored posts when advertisers contact you about doing a guest post that includes a link to their client or affiliate (Keep this to a minimum and be sure to disclose to readers when you publish a sponsored post).
  5. Review products or talk about products or services that relate to articles you’re writing. Form affiliate relationships with the companies that own these products and services and include affiliate links within your articles.
  6. Build links to your other sites.  This will increase the back-link profile of your own main websites which could influence their visibility within the search results and potential to create income.
  7. Keep your site and continue to work on building it and increasing income.
  8. Sell (or flip) the websites on a site like Flippa, Go Daddy Auctions, etc.

Keep doing what you need to do to publish great content, increase traffic and build a community. The money will follow if you do it right.

Know that gaining income from your sites will probably not happen overnight. Anything worth having rarely does.

Making money off websites is a “slow and steady wins the race” kind of adventure. Keep that in mind, and keep working daily on growing your sites.

Valuable Content and Authenticity Are Key

There are a lot of money making websites out there that make money by promoting hype and using misleading headlines.

This technique might work for you, but I promise you it will be short-lived success.

Instead, work to build a long-lasting blog community by providing valuable content and being authentic at every turn. People will see the authenticity, appreciate the value in your content and keep coming back for more.


You really can build a collection of money making websites, but you’ve got to start with making one site an income producing site first. Read our article on how to build a blog and make money from it.

Then get to work. Write great content. Include affiliate and other links. Share the content and build a social media following.

Over time, if you do things right the money will start coming in. Then repeat the process with other blogs you find that touch about subjects you know about or can learn about.

Build a system where you hire out for writing and management, and you’ve created a passive income empire for yourself.

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