The subtle clues that you’re living a Rich Life

The first time I gave a talk at Google, they put me in the hallway — literally, there were people walking by on their way to lunch. 

The second time was more official. I had a stage, even though it’s hard to see me on the video they shot.

But for the third time — my latest Talk at Google — they pulled out all the stops. A real A/V crew, serious prep, and a completely sold-out room with standing room only. My coordinator told me he’s never seen the room so full. That’s a huge sign of the IWT community we’ve built here.

Sometimes you get a HUGE clue that you’re succeeding at the things you love. With the Google talk, it was obvious: 12 years ago — hallway. Today — big room, sold-out crowd.

But sometimes the clues are more subtle.

Years ago, my trainer used to ask me a question when I’d go in to work out: 

He’d ask: “Did you get in?”

What he meant was, “Did you work out on your own since the last time we saw each other?”

Sometimes my answer was yes (more often, it was some excuse why I didn’t get in). But after a while — when I started taking fitness more seriously — my answers started being Yes, Yes, and Yes.

Finally, he stopped asking me.

BAM. That’s a clue. A few months later, I finally noticed he didn’t have to ask me about training on my own anymore. It had become a habit, something I did on my own, for myself.

How about this subtle clue?

It’s the tagline from this TV show — do you know it?

“Sometimes you want to go…where everybody knows your name 

We ALL want to go where everybody knows our name. Walking into our homes, to be greeted by a smiling partner, and maybe a dog wagging its tail (for me — no dogs).

In just a single moment, it shows so much: That you’re a “regular”…that your friends are welcoming you…and that you’re home.

What are the other subtle clues that you’re living a Rich Life?

Share them in the comments below. I’ll share some of the best ones on my Instagram feed.

And Google just posted my entire talk, which you can watch here. Check out some new stories you haven’t heard here…plus some amazing responses from the crowd.

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