How To Break Into The Competitive Niche Of Multifamily Syndication

Tamar Mar, founder of The Marota Group—a company that focuses on the acquisition of underperforming multifamily and commercial properties, joins us today to give tips and advice on breaking into the competitive niche of multifamily syndication. 

But first, a little more about Tamar…

She has been investing in real estate since she was 19, purchasing her first townhouse when she was a sophomore in college. She has owned rental properties for more than 15 years.

She is an entrepreneur, investor and proponent of intentional lifestyle design. Tamar often says that she is the CEO of her dreams and consistently focuses on ways to maximize business opportunities and generates enough passive income to be financially free and curate the lifestyle she and her family desires.

I didn’t want to be the CEO of somebody else’s dreams anymore. I was ready to pursue my own dreams and become the CEO of them. I knew that once I was unleashed and not working for somebody else, I could pursue them and reach my goals much faster.

Listen in as Tamar tells us why she chose this niche above all in real estate.

Then, Scott Todd, who has made his interest in multifamily known, picks her brain to pull out as much information as he can on finding deals and breaking into this competitive niche. It comes down to: 

  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • Relationship building

Tamar also talks about team building and her advice on taking advice—never take it from one person and completely trust it, even a leader in the space. Validate it through many sources.

“If everybody is helping each other, there’s no room for others to fail.”

Tamar Mar

Tamar is not the type of person to sit back and let life happen to her. She is all about taking action, and action backed with tenacity, confidence, and expertise is proving that she is in this business for one reason… to own it!


Mark: Learn more about Tamar at Also, check out my Amazon reading recommendation list at

Scott: Check out the Glow Light by Casper. It will dim as you fall to sleep and brighten when you waken.

Tamar: You need to elevate your goals and your daily tasks to reach your future self. Specifically, if you are looking at Real Estate and you want to find more deals—whether it’s a wholesaler or brokers, start reaching out to them like crazy and whatever you think you need to do, multiply that by ten.

Isn’t it time to create passive income so you can work where you want, when you want and with whomever you want?

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