Is It Bad Etiquette To Ask Another Investor What County They Work In?

During the most recent Bootcamp, a question came up that the team wanted to address in this week’s Round Table discussion and that was, is it bad etiquette to ask another investor which county they work in?

Joining Mark this week to Round Table that question are:

  • Scott Bossman
  • Mimi Schmidt
  • Mike Zaino
  • Scott Todd

But first, just coming from the latest Bootcamp in Scottsdale, Team Land Geek shares their biggest takeaways. 

To echo on what Mike said, I love hearing from people about how different their life is today compared to a year ago. Tyler and Jen Kelly had done one deal last year and now they’ve done 80. I mean, that’s insane and there are a lot of stories like that. 

Now, some journeys take longer than others but really, I just love hearing those comparison stories from people of where they were then and now. I think that really motivates people to take action and ask themselves, okay, where can I be a year from now if I just start this journey.

Scott Bossman

So, is it bad etiquette to ask another investor what county they work in?

Join Team Land Geek as they round table that question and share their thoughts on this topic. The one opinion that was reiterated by all was, yes, it is bad etiquette… and for a number of reasons. 

One reason being that it’s a huge disadvantage for the person asking the question because part of learning and growing in this business is digging in and going through the pain of learning the processes yourself, and that includes the county research.

Mike points out the better, “should have asked” question and that is, how do I learn to educate myself on good areas?

I see a lot of people waste a lot of money on mailings because they are just going to a county with something someone told them but they haven’t actually done the research right.  

Mimi Schmidt

Then Mark makes the counter argument on abundance mentality—If we think it is bad etiquette to disclose our counties… which is just one google search away anyways, does that mean that we really don’t have abundance mentality?

Find out the teams response along with all the reasons why it really is just bad etiquette to ask another investor which county they work in.

And then, the chirp… how do you handle that darn chirp!?

Listen in for details in this, “Hey, can I have your fish?” episode of The Land Geek Round Table!

Be you and find properties or counties that you like to work in so that you can create the company that’s unique to you and you can hold that as your strategic advantage too or your competitive advantage over me.  

Scott Todd

*Special thanks to Ashley for such a great question!


Mimi: I learned that Trello integrates with PipeDrive; you can learn more by clicking HERE. Also, check out for more information on corrective deeds.

Isn’t it time to create passive income so you can work where you want, when you want and with whomever you want?

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