If Others Can Do This So Can We—From One Deal To Eighty In A Year

We talk with The Land Duo, Tyler & Jen Kelly about their land investing journey in this week’s episode of The Art of Passive Income! 

Tyler & Jen are Land Geek clients who have taken their business to the next level and today they are going to give us an inside look of how they went from one deal to over eighty in under a year! 

Timeline of Succession

  • End of 2017—Heard about the concept and started with another program 
  • April 2018—Acquired their first property and struggled on their own
  • October 2018—Found Mark and bought the Investor’s Toolkit 
  • November 2018—Sold that first property
  • December 2018—Found a lot of value in the Toolkit so they signed up for Flight School
  • January 2019—Signed up for coaching with Tate
  • October 2019—Tyler quit his corporate job 

How did they work through the initial resistance to get to the sell of their first property?

They heard the success stories and believed that it works, they just had to figure out how to make it work for them. So, after investing in that first initial program and struggling to make it work on their own, they found Mark and bought the Investor’s Toolkit.

By getting the Toolkit, it got us way more aggressive in our marketing. We just can’t put out a couple of ads and sell a property, we need to be all over the place. Just that one little stage made the difference and got us that first sell.

Join us as Tyler & Jen share all the details of the beginning of the journey into land investing, along with:

  • The inside scoop on Flight School
  • Why they went into coaching
  • Who was more nervous with the transition from paycheck to passive 
  • Their experience in the VIP room 

Also, find out the mistakes they have made and what they would have done different.

Going through the struggle made us realize that we don’t want to keep doing that. We don’t have to, there’s a better way. Let’s go find somebody who has been successful and who has done this and learn from them. And we haven’t looked back and this year has been insane.

Tyler & Jen Kelly

Tyler & Jen share how they went from one deal to eighty in under a year and how those eighty deals have changed the quality of their lives. Tyler, now gets to spend quality time with Jen and their two daughters with his focus on them instead of work.

Plus, find out their advice to that person sitting in a cubicle at an unfulfilling job, who has health benefits and a nice salary, but also has a long commute to work and is just working for the weekend and holidays. 

What does the future look like for Tyler & Jen? 

The Kelly’s talk about what their passive looks like now and what their end of the year goal is and Jen raises the bar by the end of the conversation!

Tyler & Jen’s story is an inspirational one, they had the proof of concept and knew this business model worked. They knew if others could be successful, so could they. So they did not stop, they kept it consistent and continuously moved forward. 

You have to have that burning desire. If you really want to change and you really believe you can do it, then you can do it.


We’re looking forward to hearing more about their progress and what this upcoming year has in store for them.

Listen in to their inspiring story now…


Mark: Learn more about LandDuo.com—check out their land and maybe invest in some.

Scott: Sometimes we need peace and quiet to like work. Check out MUSE—a white noise app in the iTunes store and it’s free.

Tyler & Jen: Check out Workast—a task management tool that integrates with slack, it’s free for up to five users.

Isn’t it time to create passive income so you can work where you want, when you want and with whomever you want?

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