Notes Of Gratitude For The Land Business

This is nacho typical Round Table episode—First, some serious gratitude, then some serious fun! 

Having the time and money to live their best lives, Mark asks the guys to dig deep to get to a more personal and intimate level to find out what they are most grateful for, that this business provides them.

Joining Mark are: 

  • Mike Zaino
  • Scott Bossman
  • Tate Litchfield
  • Scott Todd

Here is a little sneak peek into their answers… 

Mike—To me it’s time freedom. Everybody knows I still work the fire department, I’m blessed with a great schedule there, but as far as every other day of the week it’s just basically do whatever I want, whenever I want. And not just the time freedom, but to be free of debt. I don’t have that immense pressure of debt on me anymore. I don’t feel the burden and that weight. Debt can be crushing and if anybody out there is suffering from any type of debt you know what I’m talking about, it affects you at all levels of your life. 

Scott Bossman—I’m just not rushed anymore. Like when you’re working 8:00-5:00 and you’ve got to get kids to school in the morning and you’ve got to get them home in the afternoon and you’ve got to have dinner ready. It has improved my family relationships. This summer was my first summer home not working a job in 24 years and I was able to go golfing on a Monday with my son and go fishing on a Thursday with my other son and to be able to do these things with my boys that I was never able to do before.

Tate—The money that this business creates, I’m grateful for that. But after all is said and done, it’s allowed me to really spend time on things that I want to and that includes my health. I’m able to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle which is important because your health is wealth. I’m also really grateful for the time with my young family. It allows me to be a present dad. I don’t miss the milestones. I get to go to dance practices and these kinds of activities that my daughter finds interesting and I love it. I love being the only dad who goes to scissors classes.

Scott Todd—I’m thankful that this is a business that has allowed myself and others to enjoy the life that they want on their own timeframe, being able to do what you want, that’s the coolest thing to me about this business. It allows you to give back to the community, to give back to mankind. It’s not ‘all about me’,  it’s about living and being a better person because you have the time freedom to do it. And you have the economic freedom to help other people. When you can do that, man, life all of a sudden gets a lot more better. 

What is Mark grateful for? 

“I’m so grateful for so many things and everything you guys were talking about I’m super, super grateful for. When I was younger, I was Tate and then as I was going through my career I felt like what Scott felt like, being able to get out of my job in 18 months. Then to be able to spend time with my loved ones like, you know, just that morning routine like what Zaino was saying and Bossman being able to have those special moments throughout the week with my family. 

I’ve experienced all of those things. So today, I think what I’m most grateful for is The Land Geek community and being able to live vicariously through other people’s success. On Facebook yesterday with the Dude Buddy and the Zen Master, out of nowhere Nick Ringling is like, ‘Yeah, you know, I’m 8 months out of Flight School”…I think he made $187,000. And Paul Brewers like, “Yeah, I paid for Flight School tuition in my first deal.” Josh Deel same thing. 

I mean this is out of the blue. Like we’re not asking them to go on and do this. And I think through me hearing these stories of success… like a Tyler and Jen Kelly, I feel like now I can really die in peace, at least professionally, that I’ve made enough of an impact to do that. I think having that ability to make an impact in other people’s lives I’m most grateful for.”

Mark also shares a story about a recent heartwarming rescue mission that Scott Todd was on. 

Then the guys get on topic of Thanksgiving and their family traditions which, for obvious reasons, leads to the topic of food…. Cheesecake Factory may or may not have been mentioned. Ok, it was.  

Finally, have you ever been in a nacho emergency but didn’t know where to go? Scott Todd has you covered in this week’s Tip of the Week! #PleaseBringBackErikPetersonAndMimiSchmidt

The Land Geek Team is super grateful for all of our listeners, without you there wouldn’t be a podcast!  We hope you all had a warm fulfilling Thanksgiving.


Scott Todd: Check out the to find nachos near you!

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