The Random Show — On Fasting, Forest Bathing, How to Say NO, Rebooting the Self, and Much More (#391)

Technologist, serial entrepreneur, world-class investor, self-experimenter, and all-around wild and crazy guy Kevin Rose (@KevinRose), rejoins me for another episode of “The Random Show.” In this one we discuss Japanese whisky, domestic speakeasies, wooden saddles, the rebooting power of Anthony de Mello’s Awareness, poetry, the art of surrender and letting go, mushroom cultivation in the Pacific Northwest, fasting, learning to say no, and much more!

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#391: The Random Show — On Fasting, Forest Bathing, How to Say NO, Rebooting the Self, and Much More


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  • Coming at you from Kevin’s tailor-made speakeasy in Portland, musing over the fact that the time between the first Random Show and this one is literally a dog’s age. [03:38]
  • What are we drinking tonight? [10:02]
  • Why is Japanese whiskey Kevin used to buy in a Tokyo train station just a few years ago so expensive and hard to find today? [13:18]
  • What would-be entrepreneurs who want to make themselves recession-proof might learn from artisan-level Japanese sake brewers and aged coffee connoisseurs specializing in 45-minute pour overs. [14:51]
  • Why wooden Japanese saddles give me so much joy. [18:09]
  • Japan as an art exhibit or zoo of pocket obsessions. [23:36]
  • I’ve raved about Japan plenty of times on this show and will surely rave again. But what does Kevin find particularly appealing about Japan? [24:20]
  • The best and worst places we’ve traveled are sometimes the same, but attempting to speak the local language usually has predictably good or bad results depending on where you are. [27:28]
  • Kevin talks about his love for forest bathing. [31:20]
  • Making Kevin (and perhaps you, gentle listener) aware of the book Awareness by Anthony de Mello and the powerful rebooting effect it has on me in times of mental disharmony. [35:23]
  • On Pollan, poetry, Powell’s, and other pages we’ve been perusing. [39:52]
  • Kevin’s takeaways about surrender and social programming from a course by The Untethered Soul author Michael Singer. [43:54]
  • We agree that Sam Harris probably has the best paid meditation app, but you should check out Kevin’s Oak app if you want something simple and free to get started. [50:49]
  • Can this sparkling water Kevin’s been raving about really change your world? What’s so special about it? [51:53]
  • Since moving to the Pacific Northwest, Kevin’s found a different, deeper approach to work that better matches the pace of his newly realized, mushroom-cultivating lifestyle. [55:17]
  • Kevin does a lot of fasting, but don’t worry — because Portland beers help him slow down considerably. We discuss his Zero fasting app, the differences between some of the better-known methods of fasting, and what the science is telling us about fasting’s miraculous effect on cancer patients. [57:27]
  • No discussion about fasting would be complete if it didn’t wrap up with teary-eyed reminiscence over the Ruby Jewel ice cream we mercilessly devoured last night. [1:02:47]
  • How I said no to saying no and aim to roll out a positive from this double negative. [1:04:23]
  • Congratulations to the entire team at Johns Hopkins for the successful launch of the world’s largest psychedelic research center and the non-anonymous donors who made it possible. [1:17:43]
  • What will this allow the researchers at Johns Hopkins to do that wasn’t possible before? [1:21:43]
  • How has a high-dose psilocybin guided session directly helped Kevin? [1:25:27]
  • How might someone who wants to help extend the funding for this research best target their donation? [1:26:35]
  • Parting thoughts. [1:29:31]