Land Geek Flight School Student Q & A

Join us for a special edition of Round Table as the team grills Flight School student, Joey Chiarello!

Joining Mark for this in depth Q & A session are:

  • Erik Peterson
  • Mike Zaino
  • Tate Litchfield
  • Scott Todd

Joey stumbled across Mark & Scott on another podcast back in 2017 and was intrigued by the model, so he jumped straight into Flight School a month later.

Fast forward three years, Joey is still working a full-time job by choice, but also crushing it in his land business!

Listen in as Joey sits down with the guys and answers these questions:

  • What are his biggest challenges and the turning point for him
  • What is his passive now and how long it took to achieve it
  • His average acquisition cost and monthly notes
  • How he picked the first county and how many he works in
  • His experience in Flight School
  • Working with his spouse in the business and outsourcing
  • How many hours per day in the land business
  • Best deal to date
  • What should a newbie’s best attribute be
  • How much capital to start
  • What aspects of the business he doesn’t like
  • What he would have done different in Flight School and how long it took to pay for it
  • Monthly expenses-mailings
  • Biggest mistake to date

Also find out Joey’s overall sense of accomplishment and his answer to the pressing question, recline or no recline, in this week’s episode of The Land Geek Round Table! 


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