One Plan Plus One Big Why Equals Raving Success

A Land Geek Student Success Story—In this week’s show, we are putting the student spotlight on Jim L., who we are going to keep anonymous because of his day job.

Jim’s entrepreneurial spirit awakened in 2017 when he started his first business in Bitcoin, but knew it wasn’t sustainable so he set out to find something that was, one that would be a good fit for him.

He started listening to the Side Hustle Nation podcast with Nick Loper when he ran across an episode that featured another Land Geek Alum, Roberto Chavez, and it piqued his interest.

Because of its simplicity and not having to deal with termites, tenants, or toilets, he thought that land investing could be the perfect fit for him but he first wanted to make sure it was legit. That research led him to Scott Bossman and soon after, in March 2018, he signed up for Flight School.

Listen in now as Jim gives us an inside look into Flight School and what it was like working side by side with Scott and the mini bat. Plus, he talks about his coaching experience with Tate and how valuable it was to have that one-on-one interaction to get all of his questions answered. 

Also, find out the details behind:

  • How many VA’s he has and his most important one
  • Favorite deals
  • His not so favorite part of the business

My favorite deals are not the most glamorous ones, they’re the ones that quietly keep the bank account stocked.

Then, Mark digs in to get to the bottom of Jim’s raving video testimonials and why customers love him so much!

Find out what Jim’s secret is and what sets him apart that has Mark saying that, “he’s a purple cow in a field of brown cows“. 

Plus, Jim gives advice to those just starting out in the business. All of this and more on this episode of The Art of Passive Income!


Mark: Go buy some land from Jim at Also, check out the book, American Dirt.

Scott: Check out the app, DoubleTake, for the new iPhone 11. It’s a video recording app that allows you to record on all of your cameras at the same time and create an incredible video with different lenses or views.

Jim: If you’re interested in land investing, there are a lot of programs out there but Land Geek is just fantastic. I’ve talked to every single coach and they’ve given me wonderful advice, time, attention, and respect. They’re very open about sharing what works for them and this is not about trade secrets, it’s about execution.

Isn’t it time to create passive income so you can work where you want, when you want and with whomever you want?

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