223 – Money Raising Secrets That Eliminate Competition Private Money Crash Course Part 3

Money Raising Secrets That Eliminate Competition Private Money Crash Course Part 3

Most real estate people I know were unaware that the tax benefits of a deal can be shared or even given away to a financial friend.  Those benefits can result in a return on the investment they make in your deal. 

What that means is that you could keep more profits in your pocket by letting the IRS give profits to your investor instead. 

When raising money, find a CPA that understands the tax benefits of owning real estate.  Preferably who has been involved in the sharing of tax benefits in the past. 

I find that working with accountants who own rental property results in far better tax advantages for me, since they focus on this part of the tax code for their own investment benefit. 

You can depreciate real estate which means tax savings.  On Residential Properties 27.5 Years is the time limit; Commercial is 39 years 

IRS Publication 527 explains how depreciation works and how you can take advantage of tax-saving benefits. 

Sit down with your financial friend and discuss in generality how the tax benefits (depreciation and repairs/improvements can be tax-deductible). 

Be sure your financial friend is using a good CPA who can guide them in how these benefits could apply to them. 

Very few operators offer up the tax benefits of a deal, often because they don’t know they can! 

What if you could offer a solution that provides your financial friend a higher return than anyone else can offer which ended up costing you far less to deliver?   

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