How to Support Healthcare Workers Now — Plus Urgent Suggestions for Uber Eats, Hilton, Amazon, and More (#416)

(Short episode: ~18 minutes)

I expect next week will be an exceptionally difficult week for many people and many cities, New York City chief among them. There are several very urgent needs.

This episode will highlight things that can be done to help healthcare workers (food, temp housing, PPE, ventilators and vent modification for higher capacity, etc.), as well as a few companies well positioned to immediately help.

I would encourage you to think of healthcare workers, alongside people working on vaccine development and drug development, as the walls of our collective city. By protecting and helping them, we protect and help ourselves and everyone around us. If they fail, we all fail. These brothers and sisters on the front lines need help now, and it cannot wait a week.

If it weren’t for healthcare workers, I would be dead. If not for healthcare workers, my dad would be dead, and three uncles and two aunts would also be dead. If you are lucky enough to be healthy and reading this, you likely owe some thanks to healthcare workers. They are the (usually) invisible safety net for us all.

Thank you for listening to this one. It’s important.

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#416: How to Help Healthcare Workers — Plus Suggestions for Uber Eats, Hilton, Amazon, and More