Timing Matters With All Things In Finance

Today’s guest became a financial planner at the worst time possible, in the midst of 2008 during the financial crisis, but it was watching the CPA he worked for at the time tell client after client that they lost half of their retirement that was the pivotal moment for him. 

Mark Willis is a Certified Financial Planner, a #1 Best Selling Author and the owner of Lake Growth Financial Services, a financial firm in Chicago, Illinois. 

Over the years, Mark has helped hundreds of his clients take back control of their financial future and build their businesses with sophisticated, tax-efficient financial solutions. 

Mark works with people who want to grow their wealth in ways that are safe and predictable, become their own source of financing, and create tax-free income in retirement.

As the co-host of Not Your Average Financial Podcast, Mark shares strategies for investing in real estate, paying for college without going broke and creating an income in retirement you will outlive. 

With Scott on vacation, join the two Marks as they delve deep into the self-banking system and explore:

  • The four most dangerous words in your financial vocabulary—do it for me
  • The lies about your 401k
  • The difference between rate of return and the rate of income and which is more important
  • What it means to go upstream financially
  • Why is self banking better than traditional bank

I think a lot of people are quoted misinformation. You could search this or read it in any magazine, that the market goes up 10 percent a year. So how is it possible that real investors are getting something closer to three to 4 percent?

Mark Willis

Listen in now as Mark Willis has us asking ourselves, “what do I want my money to do for me” and shows us how to invest the safe and predictable way, by Banking On Yourself!


Mark Podolsky: Learn how you could get total control of your money, learn how to bank of yourself —get that rate of return, rate of income, get the flexibility, get out of debt, versify your tax strategy. Start investing real estate with this model. Just talk to Mark to learn more at LakeGrowth.com.

Mark Willis: Take a look at what you’ve earned last year and at what your net worth changed over the last 12-months; increase the volume of savings by 1% a year.

Also, go to GrowMoreWealth.com—now BankOnYourself.com, for a 15-min. strategy session.

Isn’t it time to create passive income so you can work where you want, when you want and with whomever you want?

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