Brian Koppelman on Making Art, Francis Ford Coppola, Building Momentum, and More (#424)

“A lot of growing up is learning to shift the responsibility from the other to the self.”

Brian Koppelman

Brian Koppelman (@briankoppelman) is a screenwriter, novelist, director, producer, and host of The Moment podcast. Prior to his hit show Billions, which he co-created and executive produced (and co-wrote on spec), he was best known as the co-writer of Rounders and Ocean’s Thirteen, as well as a producer of The Illusionist and The Lucky Ones. He has also directed films, such as Solitary Man, starring Michael Douglas.

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#424: Brian Koppelman on Making Art, Francis Ford Coppola, Building Momentum, and More


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Note from the editor: Timestamps will be added shortly.

  • As lifelong learners, Brian and I have tried to help each other maintain momentum, not inertia, in our individual voyages of personal growth. A lot of it has to do with learning to take feedback with a professional — not personal — mindset.
  • Brian admits he doesn’t always take feedback constructively in the moment. Here’s the question you should really ask someone when they solicit your feedback.
  • How does Brian keep from saying something he might later regret to someone offering honest feedback that prompts an emotional response?
  • When given honest feedback that prompts an emotional response, how does Brian keep from saying something he might later regret?
  • We all get stuck at some point. Here’s how Brian got unstuck from one of his own struggles that may be familiar to many of us.
  • Why it’s never a mistake to tell people to be careful with opioids — even if they have no history of addiction.
  • To maintain the positive momentum of his own behavioral change, Brian checks in weekly with a supportive professional. What does this look like?
  • Why Brian is glad he started his weight loss regimen 10 weeks ago rather than in the middle of self-quarantining.
  • What led to Brian making an effort to close the gap between his public and private life, and how does he put this in practice? [:00]
  • What is The Royale, and how can visiting help feed hungry people in New York?
  • Is having a blue verification checkmark on Twitter really all it’s cracked up to be?
  • Brian has always been proactive in using his craft as a vehicle for expanding his circle of friends and his circle of influences. Here’s how we became friends and the free-range serendipity that happened as a result.
  • Brian’s favorite books and movies that showcase the messiness of the artistic process.
  • Brian talks about the monologue he wrote for Vincent D’Onofrio, how it came about, the process surrounding it, and what it supports.
  • When writing, how does Brian compose his first drafts? What does he tend to notice and refine on further drafts?
  • COVID talk and final thoughts.