The Random Show — Bitcoin Pros and Cons, 2021 Resolutions, Fave Books, Lucid Dreaming, Couples Therapy, and More (#493)

Technologist, serial entrepreneur, world-class investor, self-experimenter, and all-around wild and crazy guy Kevin Rose (@KevinRose) rejoins me for another episode of “The Random Show.” In this one we discuss Bitcoin, portfolio rebalancing, energy management versus time management, maximizing our enjoyment of nature, lucid dreaming, couples therapy, healthy Hawaiian venison, and more.

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#493: The Random Show — Bitcoin Pros and Cons, 2021 Resolutions, Fave Books, Lucid Dreaming, Couples Therapy, and More


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  • Reminiscing about the last time we hung out together pre-COVID. [05:26]
  • Thoughts on COVID-era cryptomania, how we’ve invested in cryptocurrency in the past and present, where we see it headed, and some of the red flags we might want to keep an eye on. (Reminder: this is not financial advice. This is for informational and entertainment purposes only.) [06:49]
  • How we’ve been rebalancing other assets in our portfolios during these especially uncertain times, what the lessons learned in 2020 mean for further decisions — financial and non-financial — and why I think ahead in blocks of three years rather than five or 10. [33:59]
  • Kevin shares what he’s learned from spending “a crap ton” of time researching applications for tracking finances: the good, the bad, and the ugly, and we examine the evidence indicating that he may have a legitimate financial dashboard fetish. [56:38]
  • Why I’ve been thinking a lot more about energy management than time management. [1:02:50]
  • The best nonfiction book I’ve read in the last five years, and revisiting why, in 2020, I chose to read no books that were published in 2020 (and, by extension, be more purposeful about how I spend time in general). [1:06:12]
  • Kevin and I talk about how we’re learning to best enjoy the time we spend in nature — whether this involves listening to audiobooks in real-time (or not at all) or identifying the sights and sounds of the wilderness — and why I’m having trouble reacclimating to Austin after a summer spent in the woods among the black bears, coyotes, birds, and trees. [1:15:12]
  • Exploring the worlds of lucid dreaming, Zen enlightenment, and reality checks. [1:22:46]
  • Ways we’ve found to cope with ourselves and our loved ones (and for them to cope with us) during the extended quarantine. [1:30:44]
  • Kevin’s word for 2021, and how he’s applying it to drink less than the power of COVID compels him. [1:44:08]
  • As Kevin’s alcohol consumption goes down, does his edible gummies consumption go up? [1:46:50]
  • Kevin raves about the benefits of Japanese Hinoki wood and its oil. [1:49:12]
  • My word for 2021 as an antidote to the seriousness of 2020 and a reality check against the expectations manufactured by social media. [1:51:27]
  • Recommended documentaries, movies, and shows we’ve been watching this year. [1:59:07]
  • Thoughts on healthy Hawaiian venison snacks and hunting. [2:04:51]
  • Food investment forays and final thoughts. [2:10:42]